• Blake Street Garage Services

Repairs and Services

High quality repairs at an affordable price

We maintain a high standard of professional workmanship and supply good quality parts from many local trusted suppliers.

We are highly trained in order to carry out all kinds of repairs.

From electrical faults, damage from bumps, engine problems or something else .

Just ask us.


MOT Testing is available 5 days a week 

Please call 01782 834756 to arrange your appointment time 

Always consider safety first.

Did you forget to book your vehicle in ? 

Just call us before 10am to ensure your car  is tested.


WE offer a wide range of diagnostic testing

.Diagnostics Electrical faults and more.

Whatever the complaint or problem:

We test not guess

One of our technicians will be able diagnose the fault with a full assessment of your vehicle.

This gives us a clear analysis of the root cause.

Excellent rates for Tyres

New tyres

We can supply almost all makes and types of tyres and a competitive rate.

Why not get all your jobs done under 1 roof with the professionals at Blake Street Just call us with your Make and Model

Steering and Suspension

Suspension, Coil Springs and steering.

Steering and suspension provide stability to keep cars safe. 

Poor suspension leads to tyres wearing out prematurely.

Signs of problems 

Steering pulling to one side, feel bumps in the roa, hearing knocking noises.

be safe not sorry and get your suspension and steering checked out.

CLassic Car Engine Tuning

Tuning Precision Economy Smooth

Classic Cars need a little TLC.

We like to ensure all our customers cars are finely tuned to provide you the most economical and smooth running.

Classic Cars often need small adjustments

Book in for a Check up !



Hydraulics, ABs Drum, Discs, pads, electronic

Brakes all types

Brakes are always checked within a Blake Street full service, although problems can develop at anytime.

When you brake does the car?


Pull to one side?

Steering wheel wobble?



Does the handbrake hold the car on a hill?

If any of these apply – book in today to ensure  your safety



Exhaust Systems

Exhaust pipes, silencers, catalytic converters, dps

Exhaust Systems.

Is the exhaust rattling or knocking, noisy under the car? 

Can you smell fumes in the car?

This is likely to be a problem with the exhaust.

At Blake Street we can repair and fix exhausts, silencers, catalytic converters, dps and weld if required.