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Blake Street Garage understand the cost-of-living pressures almost everyone is navigating at the moment and so we’re pleased to offer Class 4 MOT testing for just £40, for all customers, old and new.

We have been an MOT testing station since our garage was first established in 1980, and our team of experienced and skilled technicians has two MOT testers. They are assessed annually and receive regular, updated training to ensure that our MOT testing is compliant with the stringent regulations which make sure every vehicle on UK roads is safe for the driver and other road users.

What is an MOT test? 

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport (renamed Department of Transport in 2002) and the MOT test is an inspection of every vehicle used on public roads in the UK.

This test must be carried out annually once a vehicle is three years old or older. It was first introduced in 1960 and has evolved to encompass around 20 components or parts in or on a vehicle.

Significant changes were made to the MOT test in 2018, which included changes to how faults are recorded (Dangerous/Major/Minor), stricter rules for diesel emissions, and new items added to the list of components/parts tested.

What is checked during an MOT test?

Almost every aspect of a vehicle is checked and/or tested during an MOT test.

Once an MOT test begins our technician carrying out the test must continue uninterrupted (by law) until the test is complete. Even something as simple as an empty windscreen wash reservoir will result in a failed test, so be sure to check the easy stuff before your vehicle is tested, such as:

  • Lightbulbs – make sure all your lightbulbs are working, inside and out. Many vehicles fail an MOT test simply because one lightbulb needs replacing
  • Tyres – make sure all your tyres (including the spare) are inflated to the correct pressure and have enough tread left. Those in the yellow band require imminent replacement and will result in an “advisory” on an MOT test report, and those in the red band will cause a vehicle to fail an MOT test
  • Wipers/mirrors/washers – all these components are vital to give a driver clear vision and if not working correctly will result in a failed MOT test. Make sure your washer reservoirs are topped up and your wipers and mirrors are working properly

What happens if my car or van fails its MOT test?

If a vehicle fails its MOT test Blake Street Garage will issue a “refusal of an MOT test certificate” and this will be recorded on the MOT database.

If your current MOT certificate is still valid and the new, failed, test hasn’t found any “dangerous” faults the vehicle can still be driven until the current MOT certificate expires. If any “dangerous” faults have been discovered, or the current MOT certificate has expired, the reasons for the failed test must be repaired before the vehicle can be driven on public roads again.

Driving a vehicle on public roads with “dangerous” faults found in a failed MOT test can result in a £2500 fine and 3 penalty points.

Blake Street Garage are fully equipped to carry out any repairs found in a failed MOT test and will then carry out a retest free of charge, once the faults have been corrected/repaired.

How do I book an MOT test at Blake Street Garage?

Please give us a call on 01782 834756 and a member of our team will be delighted to find a date and time which is convenient for you, or you can choose a date and a time from the list below and book an MOT test quickly and easily online.

Our mission at Blake Street Garage is to provide all our customers with a thorough and professional service with our sole interest being to keep you safe in your car. We’ve been in the automotive trade for over 40 years and have built up unbeatable expertise as well as an unrivalled reputation for quality and professionalism.

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